Mulit unit developments

Multi Unit Developments

Bona Constructions delivers excellence in duplex, townhouses and multi-unit developments.
How are multi units built?
When building units the process is similar to building a house. There are stage claims (Deposit, Slab, Frame, Lock-up, Fix and Final), however the difference is the order the units are built.
Depending on the size of the project and the shape of the land, some units may be at frame stage while the remaining units might be at slab stage. This is done to increase efficiency, cost savings and to provide a higher quality of build. 
It's a little like Tetras - get it wrong and it could cost you time and unnecessary delays. So it important to have a builder that is experienced in building multi-unit projects.
Full Turnkey option or not?
We also offer the option of "Full Turnkey" construction (which means we can organise your landscaping, curtains, letter box, clotheslines etc) or we can build "As Per Plan". A complete list of Turn Key options will be provided and you can select  none, some or all - it's up to you!
During construction we will provide:
  • weekly updates from your builder
  • photos of the progress of construction,
  • invite you to visit the site at key milestones 
FREE Quotes
It's important not to over or under capitalising on kitchen and bathroom fixtures, floor coverings, tiles etc as it could have a major impact on the success of your project.
With that in mind we provide  free quotes (with images) that are tailored to your project.
If your project is in an area where the suburb demands a high end finish then our quote will reflect that requirement. On the other hand if your project targets a less demanding demographic then we will cater for that as well.
With nothing to lose, contact Bona Constructions today and ask for your free quote.

Mulit unit developments
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